Texas Advertising Coursework

BS Advertising

The University of Texas at Austin

Stan Richards School of Advertising and Public Relations

Graduated May 2020

Integrated Communication Campaigns

In this class, we partnered with The Richards Group to develop a campaign for The Home Depot's  new Trades Training Program. To achieve this, we were split up into groups of six where we researched target audiences, chose media channels, and created a budget. At the end of the semester, a winning team was chosen and their campaign will be implemented coming Spring 2021. 

Role: Creative Director, consumer profile development, and Tik Tok specialist


Due to Covid-19, this final project was done completely virtually. Thank you Zoom!

Pages from Roots THD Plans Book_Redacted

View our full pitch here

(Budget has been redacted)

Pages from Roots THD Plans Book_Redacted
Pages from Roots THD Plans Book_Redacted
Pages from Roots THD Plans Book_Redacted
Pages from Roots THD Plans Book_Redacted
Pages from Roots THD Plans Book_Redacted

Media Planning

A semester long group assignment where we established a media plan for a new

location of a well-known Austin based barbecue restaurant.

Role: Production Design and target market research.

Note: This project was hypothetical. All budgeting and media planning are not used with real client money.

MONSTR media Part 1-4_Page_01.jpg
MONSTR media Part 1-4_Page_06.jpg
MONSTR media Part 1-4_Page_11.jpg
MONSTR media Part II_Page_06.jpg
MONSTR media Part II_Page_08.jpg

View full media plan here

Integrated Communications Management

Individual Assignments

The purpose of these assignments were to familiarize ourselves with producing SWOTs, buyer personas, and creative briefs in a short time frame. We were given the opportunity to choose brands that inspired us. 

Warby Parker Creative Brief

Assignment 1- Olivia Brady-2_Page_01.jpg

Erin Condren Creative Brief

Assignment 2- Olivia Brady_Page_01.jpg

Final Group Project

For this project, our class of 22 was divided into two teams, and each team picked a brand that they felt strongly connected with. My team, fittingly, chose Tito's Vodka. Then, each of those two teams were split again, each into the client and agency (I went agency side). From there, the client team had a week to create a brief for the agency. After the brief was pitched, my agency team had a week to prepare a campaign that we felt addressed our client's needs. 

Role: Sales Promotion and Retail Display

168 Composite Agency- Tito's_Page_04.jpg
168 Composite Agency- Tito's_Page_05.jpg

Tito's retail display concept:

3-Step Tito's Specialty Cocktail Bundles

Screen Shot 2020-02-19 at 11.02.45 PM.pn
Screen Shot 2020-02-19 at 11.11.44 PM.pn
Screen Shot 2020-02-19 at 11.11.52 PM.pn
Screen Shot 2020-02-19 at 11.11.58 PM.pn